Our design elements provide a powerful set of tools for conveying the unique personality that can only be Berkeley. They set the stage for storytelling and allow you to instantly establish an immediate connection to the brand.


Along with our logo, our color palette is the most recognized aspect of Berkeley’s brand identity. Using color appropriately is vital to reflecting a cohesive image.


Typography—used thoughtfully—is another powerful brand tool to add visual meaning to what is communicated. Berkeley’s typography is clear and clean, and flexible enough to apply in a wide range of applications.

Female student with purple hair in Sproul Plaza


Our photography connects people with Berkeley in a way that words alone can’t. Used along with graphic elements, these tools provide a rich resource for visual storytelling.

Graphic Elements

We offer a variety of graphic tools to create a unique but branded look. They can add visual interest to your communications and enhance storytelling.

Business Documents

Every organization depends on a variety of business documents. Find brand templates from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint to Google Docs.

This quick start zip file (116MB) includes: