Identity and Visual Design

Our Identity

The key components of Berkeley’s identity—the Berkeley logo, the seal, official stationery and the Cal Athletics Script Mark—should always be handled with consistency to reinforce and protect our brand. Our style guidelines spell out how to apply the Berkeley brand components correctly in relation to colleges, schools, departments as well as outside organizations.

Our Logo 

The logo represents us at the very highest level and is vitally important to our brand. It acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It is, and should always, the most consistent component in all of our communications.

Brand Architecture System

The primary objective of having a brand architecture system is to provide clarity about the Berkeley brand and to help standardize its application.

Our Seal

The UC Berkeley seal is an important part of our university’s heritage. Our seal is reserved for use on our most official communications. It may also be used on other communications to formally designate that the document or digital message is an official UC Berkeley communication.

Visual Design

Our design elements provide a powerful set of tools for conveying the unique personality that can only be Berkeley. They set the stage for storytelling and allow you to instantly establish an immediate connection to the brand.


Along with our logo, our color palette is the most recognized aspect of Berkeley’s brand identity. Using color appropriately is vital to reflecting a cohesive image.


Typography—used thoughtfully—is another powerful brand tool to add visual meaning to what is communicated. Berkeley’s typography is clear and clean, and flexible enough to apply in a wide range of applications.

Graphic Elements

We offer a variety of graphic tools to create a unique but branded look. They can add visual interest to your communications and enhance storytelling.


Our photography connects people with Berkeley in a way that words alone can’t. Used along with graphic elements, these tools provide a rich resource for visual storytelling.