Our Name

Berkeley is the name upon which the university’s stellar academic reputation has been built over the past century and a half — and the preferred brand name used by our colleges, schools and departments in all of their official communications. Around the world, people recognize and respect the Berkeley brand, consistently ranking it among the top five global brands in higher education.

Cal, short for California, is the university’s iconic athletics brand that generates pride and passion among legions of sports fans. Apart from scoring victories in national sports arenas, Cal’s student athletes consistently bring home Olympic medals: 17 from the 2012 London Olympics and 21 from Rio in 2016. The term Cal is also used as a term of endearment and pride for the university, especially by alumni and students.

In short, Berkeley should be used in academic contexts and Cal in athletic contexts; the name of the university must always be Berkeley.


Because of our rich heritage and our complex and diverse community, several names are used to represent the university. This section aims to clear up any confusion. Our logo clearly announces our name, with an emphasis on Berkeley. It is just as important to keep our name consistent in content.

In first references, use: UC Berkeley

In subsequent references, use: Berkeley

Formal uses, such as diplomas, may use: University of California, Berkeley

Do not use:

  • University of California at Berkeley (except where a comma causes confusion)
  • U.C. Berkeley
  • UC-Berkeley
  • U.C.-Berkeley
  • UCB
  • U.C.B.

Cal Athletics brand identity

Cal Athletics uses a family of marks for its brand, the most prominent being the Cal Script. Within the Cal Athletics brand, the Cal Script is used as the primary mark. The Cal Script should not be used in place of the academic mark.

Cal Athletics brand guidelines