Berkeley’s licensing program protects and promotes the use of the university’s intellectual property (IP). By licensing high-quality, ethically sourced products, the licensing program works to strengthen and advance the image of the university while creating brand awareness in the retail marketplace. The cornerstone of the licensing program is the UC Code of Conduct for trademark licensees, which governs all UC licensees systemwide.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is any and all university, department, program, class, event, team, campus, landmark, building, statue, etc., names, images, art, or logos. Really anything at all thought to be associated with campus or made by campus is part of the campus IP, including the words: Berkeley, California, and bears as they relate to the campus and are trademarked. 

Use of TMs and registration marks

To protect university IP, TMs and Registration marks are required when most IP is used on a product no matter how the item is being used. (Please note that even if your official departmental branding is not provided with the TM, your licensee should be able to add that for you, and let you know it is required.)


Royalties are the licensee’s cost for the ability to use university intellectual property (IP). Licensees pass this cost along in some fashion just as they would embellishing costs, set up fees, taxes, shipping, etc. Some licensees chose to line item the royalty in the cost of their goods, and some do not.

Please note on some occasions the university will waive the licensee’s requirement to pay royalty for very specific items and item uses, and typically the licensee will pass that savings on to the department.

Process for purchasing merchandise using any campus IP

1. All orders must be done by a licensed vendor, see the attached list. Please be sure to give your licensee a minimum of three weeks to process your order from start to finish if possible, and the more time the better.

2. Contact the licensee to discuss the items you would like to purchase or to get ideas, etc. Please be sure to also provide them with the quantity, use of the item in as much detail as possible, and specifics on how you will be paying, as these are needed when reviewing the art for each order.

3. The licensee will then work with the licensee to make sure the art is approvable as provided, and if not the licensee will get back to you with some suggestions or required changes.

Blank products

At no time can blank products be ordered and then taken to any other company (licensee or not) for embellishment as this violates the UC Code of Conduct.

Products for sale

Campus departments should not be selling any products to staff, students, etc., as the university does not hold a retail business licensee. If you would like to offer products for sale, please contact to discuss what options may be available.

Internal/Custom Licensees For All Departments

This list of licensees can source and embellish most products.

4 Imprint 

Albreco/Fog City Marketing Inc.

Alliance Graphics 


925-829 -3950 (ext. 202) 

Corporate Couture 

Custom Ink 

Full Turn Direct 

Gorilla Marketing 


Jag Forms* 

Parker’s Crazy Cookies/Sheena K. Foods 


*Only Licensees that have rights to source and customize headwear in addition to all other products offered.