Our Logo

The Berkeley logo represents us at the very highest level and is vitally important to our brand. It acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It is, and should always be, the most consistent component in our communications.

The Berkeley logo should never be recreated or typeset. Only official logo files should be used in communications. The Berkeley logo, as shown in this section, will serve as the campus’s primary logo and trademark. Other campus trademarks may appear on merchandise produced by vendors specifically licensed to reproduce these trademarks. 

Primary usage

The following four color pairings are considered acceptable primary usage for the UC Berkeley logo:

  • Berkeley Blue on white
  • White on Berkeley Blue
  • Berkeley Blue on California Gold
  • California Gold on Berkeley Blue

Image of the UC Berkeley logo with examples of primary usage

The Berkeley logo is an image, based on the UC Berkeley OS typeface. It has been carefully redesigned to function as a powerful, legible wordmark. Never use the UC Berkeley OS typeface to attempt to produce a Berkeley logo. That font is reserved for advancement communications and will not have the correct look and feel.  

Limited use logo

The logo can appear in Black only for black-and-white and grayscale scenarios.

Image of the UC Berkeley logo in black and white


To maintain full legibility, never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1 inch (for print) or 175 pixels (for screen). There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the most dominant element on the page, but instead should live comfortably and clearly as an identifying mark.

Image of the UC Berkeley logo specifying minimum size

Clear space

To ensure that clear space is maintained around the logo for legibility and prominence, photos, text and graphic elements must follow the guidelines illustrated here. Use the letter “B” as a measuring tool to help maintain clearance.

Diagram of clear space guidelines for use of UC Berkeley logo

Improper usage

Here are a few examples of practices to avoid.

This image shows examples of improper usage of the UC Berkeley logo

  • Don't skew or bend the logo in any way
  • Don't rotate the logo
  • Don't stretch, condense or change the dimensions of the logo
  • Don't add any extra elements to the logo
  • Don't rearrange the placement of the type within the logo structure 
  • Don't alter or replace the typefaces within the logo
  • Don't alter the placement or scale of the elements
  • Don't use drop shadows, strokes, or other visual effects
  • Don't add colors to the individual elements
  • Don't use colors other than those specified in the guidelines
  • Avoid the use of the Cal script for anything other than Athletics and alumni communications