Whether you are asked to create an email newsletter, design a poster or set up a web page, ask the requester to fill out this creative brief (it’s an editable PDF). Not only will this give your project a consistent voice and strong message, but it will also help everyone involved agree on clear goals and guidelines.

Here are the elements of the creative brief:

  • Medium of communication – Is it an email, a poster, a web page, an event?
  • Key audience – Students? Parents? Choose one.
  • Key message – The elevator pitch, really.
  • Proof points – 2 or 3 points that help support the elevator pitch
  • Call to action – What do you want the recipient to do? Click a link? Make a call? Donate?
  • Additional considerations – Any production specifications? Budget? Deadline?
  • Strength – Conviction? Excellence? Scale? Diversity? Choose one strength that the communication can be based on.
  • Tone Choose 2 or 3 tones from the selection of 8
  • Visual spectrum – Formal or casual? Subtle or bold? What do you want it to look like?