1. Copy your site from your production server to your development server (the development server is where you will be working)
  2. Download the new theme onto your Desktop
  3. Determine what bespoke changes you have made to the Theme. You will need to parse these changes and put them into a WordPress Child Theme. Keeping them in the parent Berkeley Brand theme will result in them being erased when the theme (and plugins) are updated.
  4. Create a Child Theme https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/advanced-topics/child-themes/
    1. Determine what to transfer to your Child Theme
  5. SSH into your development server, and rename the wp-content/themes/berkeley_brand theme folder
  6. Rename all UCBBrand Component plugin folders
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_events_list
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_events_rss
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_list
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_photo
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_promo
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_quote
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_thumblist
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_twitterfeed
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_video
      • wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_infographic
  7. On the Admin Panel > APPEARANCE > THEMES activate a default WordPress theme (such as TwentyNineteen)
  8. On your development server, in Admin Panel > APPEARANCE > THEMES click on “Add New Theme”
    1. then click on Upload Theme
    2. Choose the berkeley_brand.zip file
    3. Click on Upload
    4. Return to THEMES page
    5. Click on “Add New Theme”
    6. Click on Upload Theme
    7. Choose your Child Theme
    8. Click on Upload
    9. Activate the Child Theme
  9. Test your site
    1. You may need to update some theme settings, located in the WP Admin panel under APPEARANCE > BRAND THEME OPTIONS. If a setting is unset, but showing on the site as activated, un/check the setting in the theme options, save, then un/check and re-save the setting.
    2. You will also need to reset any widget visibility settings you had under APPEARANCE > WIDGETS
  10. Delete the renamed theme and plugin folders (from step 2 & 3)
  11. Back up your production site
  12. Deploy your changes to your production server