Five easy ways to enhance your Open Berkeley website

  1. Use the correct, Brand-approved font for your department name. All it takes is a simple update to your existing Open Berkeley banner. See Site Name Font instructions and Brand Architecture guidelines.
  2. Move your parent organization’s name from the header to the top blue bar. Keeping the header free of distractions improves readability of your department name. Apart from clarifying your organizational hierarchy, it also allows you to link your parent department directly from the top blue bar. See Parent Organization instructions.
  3. There’s a new home for your unit slogan (if you have one) – move it to the “Site Slogan” field above the footer. Moving the slogan to its own location will help it stand out and reduce clutter at the top. See Site Slogan instructions.
  4. Not all pages are created equal. Use “landing pages” to take advantage of full-width hero widgets on your section home pages or splash pages. Add Hero Widgets and Color Bands to your “landing pages.” (Other Brand components – Photo Thumbnails, Promos – can be used on any page type.) Also, breadcrumbs and sub-navigation are optional on “landing pages.”
  5. Speed up page loading time by optimizing image sizes. This is an easy win to improve user satisfaction. We all know how frustrating it is to wait for web pages that load slowly. Use PhotoShop to optimize your images before uploading to OpenBerkeley. See image sizes for Berkeley brand widgets: (Tip: identify bloated images by running your site through
openberkeley-before-1 openberkeley-after-1