Grades at Berkeley

The information on this page is for currently enrolled students, prospective students, or their parents and families.

Checking Grades for Your Most Recent Semester

Once your instructors post grades, you will be able to see them on Bear Facts (see Current Term Grades). This date will vary depending on what type of class you took and the date of your final exam. These grades will be posted to your transcript approximately 3 weeks after the last day of finals for fall and spring. For summer students, grades are not posted to the transcript until the first week in September.

Checking Grades for Previous Semesters

To see a copy of your unofficial transcript, go to Bear Facts by clicking here.
There are 2 valid criteria for changing a grade. The first is to correct a mistake either in the computation or the reporting of a grade. The second is through a formal appeal process.

Clerical or Procedural Error in Reporting a Grade

If you believe your instructor submitted an incorrect grade because of a clerical (computational, for example) or procedural error, please speak directly with your instructor. Faculty members can make grade changes through communication directly with the Records Office. Note that all grades except an I or an IP are considered final and can only be changed when there has been a computational or procedural error in the original assignment of a grade. A grade may not be changed as the result of re-evaluation of your work.

Appealing a Grade

If you believe that your instructor has used non-academic criteria, e.g. your race, religion, gender or politics, in assigning your grade, you can appeal the grade. Begin the process by speaking with your instructor and/or the student ombudsperson. Your next step is to try to resolve the issue by speaking with the department chair. If you cannot resolve your dispute informally, there is a formal procedure you can follow that is outlined in the UC Berkeley Catalog.
If you would like to calculate the GPA for a specific series of classes, e.g. major courses, science courses, etc., you can follow these steps.
  1. Select the set of courses you would like to include in your calculation
  2. Determine the number of grade points based on the chart below, e.g. 13.2 grade points for a 4 unit class in which you received a B+.
  3. Add all of the grade points together.
  4. Divide that sum by the total number of units of the classes you are including.

An example:

  1. You received a B- (3 unit class), an A (4 unit class), a C- (2 units class), and a B+ (4 unit class).
  2. Look at the chart to determine the grade points for each class, e.g. B- = 8.1 for a 3-unit class.
  3. Add all of the grade points together: 8.1 + 16.0 + 3.4 + 13.2 = 40.7 grade points.
  4. Divide by total units: 2 X 4 units + 1 X 3 units + 1 X 2 units = 13 units. 40.7 grade points/13 units = GPA 3.13 (between a B and B+).
There are several on-line GPA calculators, but we do not endorse any in particular. Note: If you are a student who has repeated classes, see how this might affect your GPA on the Repetition of Courses page.
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You may repeat a course only if you received a grade of D+, D, D-, F, or NP.
You Earned a Grade of Criteria for Repeating What your Transcript will Reflect
D+, D, D-, or F, and have taken the class only once You must take the class for a letter grade Both grades will show on your transcript, but only your most recent grade will be calculated into your GPA.Note: If you have repeated more than 12 units of credit, this does not apply. See examples below.
NP, and have taken the class only once before You can repeat the course for either a letter grade, if allowed in the course, or on a passed/not passed basis. P/NP grades do not calculate into your GPA, but if you have repeated the course on a letter graded basis, that grade will calculate into your GPA.Note: If you have repeated more than 12 units of credit, this does not apply. See examples below.
12-UNIT REPETITION LIMIT: If you repeat courses in which you received a D+, D, D-, or F, the units are counted only once and only the most recently earned grades and grade points are used for the first 12 units repeated. In case of further repetitions, the grade-point average is based on all grades assigned and total units attempted. REPEATING A GRADE OTHER THAN A D, F, NP, OR U:  If you repeat a course in which you received a grade other than a D, F, NP, or U, the course will count as part of your class schedule for the semester and the grade you earn will be listed on your transcript. However, the grade will not be included in your GPA, and the course units will not count toward graduation unless unless the course description in the UC Berkeley Catalog  states “course may be repeated for credit.”
Example #1: You have never repeated any course work. Fall 2008: Math 1A, received an F Spring 2009: Math 1A, must be taken for a letter grade, you earn a B The B will be used to calculate your GPA
Example #2: You have already repeated Math 1A once. Fall 2007: Math 1A, received an F Spring 2008: Math 1A, received a D Fall 2008: You take Math 1A. The grade earned from your third attempt will be calculated into your GPA only if you have received prior approval from your dean.
Example #3: You have already repeated 12 units of course work Fall 2006: Took Math 1A – F (4 units), Anthro 2AC – D (4 units), Hist 4A – F (4 units) Spring 2007: Took a semester off Fall 2007: Repeated Math 1A, received a B, Anthro 2AC, received a C, and Hist 4A, received an A The B, C, and A grades would calculate into your GPA. Spring 2008: Took Math 1B, received a D Fall 2008: Re-took Math 1B, received a B Since you had already repeated 12 units of course work, before you repeated Math 1B, both the B and the D grades will calculate into your GPA.
For the complete policy, please refer to the UC Berkeley Catalog.
An instructor may assign an incomplete grade if the student’s work in a course has been of passing quality but is incomplete due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. These are the regulations that govern incomplete grades.

For Graduate Students

The method of replacement of the I grade by a final grade will be determined by the Dean of the Graduate Division and the Graduate Council.

For Undergraduate Students

Removing an Incomplete

IMPORTANT: Do not re-enroll in the course in order to remove your incomplete! To remove your incomplete, you must
  1. complete the course work as agreed upon with your instructor by the completion deadline
    I Grade Received Deadline for replacement of I grade
    Fall Semester First day of instruction of following Fall Semester
    Spring Semester Summer Session First day of instruction of following Spring Semester
  2. download the Petition to Remove an Incomplete, there is no fee for this service.
  3. Turn in the completed course work and the Petition to your instructor, who will complete the process. Note that you cannot carry a Petition to Remove an Incomplete to the Office of the Registrar yourself. It must be mailed by the instructor.

Requesting an Extension of Time for an Incomplete

If you are unable to finish a course on time, you may request an extension from the Dean of your College or School prior to the completion deadline (see Removing an Incomplete above).
College How to Petition for an Extension
Letters & Science You can petition to extend your Incomplete grade by downloading the L & S Petition to Extend an Incomplete (I) Grade. Fill out the form and take it to your instructor who must sign it and place it in a departmental envelope that must be sealed. The petition can be mailed to L & S or delivered by you in person.
Engineering Chemistry Haas School of Business Natural Resources Environmental Design You must obtain a letter of support from your instructor and petition through your Dean’s office for the extension.

Incomplete Grade Lapse to F or NP

If you do not complete your work by the completion deadline, any I grade will be converted (or lapse) to an F (or NP if the course was taken Passed/Not Passed). The F grade will be included in computing your GPA. The lapse grade will be removed from your transcript if you completed and turned in the course work prior to the deadline, when the Office of the Registrar receives and processes the paperwork.

Freezing of an Incomplete Grade

You can freeze a grade and Petition to Retain an Incomplete Grade Permanently on the Record with the Dean. (You must adhere to the same completion deadlines that are noted in the Removing an Incomplete section of this page.) If approved, the Dean will forward the information to the Office of the Registrar and the I grade will remain on your transcript. No more than two I grades can be frozen. NOTE: Please discuss this with an advisor because once a course is frozen, you may never repeat the course nor may the grade be removed by taking an equivalent course.
Student Ranking: UC Berkeley does not rank its students.
If you are a current student who has questions about grades you have received, consult the instructor or the department.