The UC Berkeley seal is an important part of our university’s heritage. Our seal is reserved for use on our most official communications. It may also be used on other communications to formally designate that the document or digital message is an official UC Berkeley communication.

It may be used for other purposes only with the permission of the Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection.

Download the seal.

The University of California seal is currently used on much of the official university stationery. We have now transitioned to our new identity standards. The updated stationery and business card styles can be viewed and ordered at the UC Print Storefront.

The UC seal should never be locked up with the Berkeley logo, and should not be modified in any way.

The versions of the Berkeley seal shown above are the only versions permitted for future use.

The Berkeley seal has been registered in the U.S. and in international territories. Include the registration symbol ® in the first instance of use in a document. Subsequent references may omit the ®.