3.24.12 -update text-hero so there is no display blowout when adding photo credit to hero 3.23.12 (February 18, 2022) -update events RSS widget to display a choice of 3-20 events 3.22.11 (Aug 13 2021) -remove required activation of PBSandwich 3.21.10 (Oct 1 2020) -fix bug where theme would use incorrect uri to load minified theme styles when a child theme is active -improve accessiblity for ucbbrand component list 3.20.9 -add manual limit to number of thumblist items 3.20.8 (Feb 10 2020) -update maxmegamenu.js file to work on mobile (broke after an update to the plugin & WP core) 3.18.8 (Jan 22 2020) -add option to add a single link at the end of menu. for mega menu users to have an option for 1 non-drop down link in their menu. 3.16.8 (Sept 12 2019) -web accessibility changes to theme (video-split template & brand-widget), max mega menu, video component plugin, events rss component plugin, list component plugin -web accessibility changes to theme (font weight of links in universal footer, add aria label to search box) 3.15.7 -update plugins to allow them to work with child themes 3.15.6 -add UCB to PBSandwich version to distinguish our modified version -fix typo in Events RSS plugin component update pathing -add theme option to show or not to show the departmental footer 3.14.5 -remove Brand Theme Option for activation key -add Brand Theme Option requirement for a /privacy_policy page and an option for CONTACT US page in the footer -change footer to only have one footer element wrapped around two sections for semantics 3.13.5 -update header templates to show wordmark even if there is no main menu 3.12.5 -create page for no search result -move searchbox in no-result search pages to left align -fix dept footer menu’s having white background in no-result search pages -re add sidebar navigation brand styling 3.11.5 -only require facebook widget plugin once, and add requirement for event_rss plugin 3.10.5 -remove all /_notes/dwsync.xml dreamweaver note files -functions.php line 663 add aria-current tag to menu to accessibly note if menu -removing IE references, commented out html and code -fix php error with too many open php tags in template-tags.php line 146 -only pages set as the front page will show the homepage sidebar, removing showing it on pages named “Home” or “home” 3.9.4 -update page-hero-x templates to include the primary widget sidebar 3.8.4 -update components.css to set auto height to footer berkeley logo 3.7.4 -update components: photo, promo, video; headers: header-hero-video, header-hero-text-box; components.css to include srcset which will lower page load times 3.6.3 -update theme files to correct unclosed in most templates 3.5.3 -update pbsandwich to not add extraneous tags everywhere : accessibility fix 3.5.2 -html validation through siteimprove 3.4.2 -cleanup required plugins: specifically error for requiring Classic Editor twice 3.3.2 -add font-display to css for google page speed 3.2.1 -Berkeley Brand theme must be active for plugins to be active 3.1 -require Classic Editor and PBSandwich 3.0 -Add branded bullet list styled sidebar option -https everywhere -update deprecated PHP < v7 errors and warnings -compatible with WP v5 -add remote updates with button click -add webpack to compress JS and CSS files and to use Babel for JS —–Version 2—– Version 2.6.3 – Update wp-content/plugins/ucbbrand-component_events_rss/ucbbrand-component_events_rss.php to fix plugin not recognizing user choosing amount of events to show Version 2.5.2 -Update functions.php to force no bs_shortcodes additions to WYSIWYG -Update header-hero-text-box.php, header-hero-video-split.php, header-hero.php header templates to not print HTML elements when they have no content (eg, captions, photo credits) Version 2.4.2 -Add meta.php file to contain meta tag headers in templates/parts Version 2.3.2 -Update functions.php to remove last update, which interferred with plugins using wp-json -Update options.php to update brand theme option text -Update stylesheets.php and scripts.php so that bootstrap is not loaded more than once if the required bootstrap-shortcodes plugin is activated Version 2.2.2 (Update functions.php to not allow non-logged in users to access wp-json) Version 2.1.2 (New version of template that is stand alone rather than a child theme) —–Version 1—– Version 02.16.2018 (Update Page Builder Sandwich UCB Component Thumblist to fix issues after WP 4.9.4 upgrade) Version 01.25.2018 (Update UCB Twitterfeed Component regex for links in tweets) Version 01.23.2018 (Update UCB Component Quote for accessibility) Version 12.22.2017 (Changed/added quote color combinations for accessibility) Version 11.20.2017 (Changed photo component for accessibility when modal is used) Version 08.29.2017 (Changed color in quote components for accessibility) Version 07.31.2017 (Fix issue of editor duplicating post/page element on edit of said element) Version 06.20.2017 (Update fonts) Version 05.11.2017 (Fix issue with UCB Component Thumb List) Version 04.07.2017 (Modify PBSandwich Plugin front end css) Version 03.27.2017 (Add Infographics widget/PBSandwich element) Version 03.23.2017 (Modify PBSandwich Plugin so that editor is less finicky and so plugin does not prompt for update to latest version) Version 11.10.2016 (Changed JQuery to toggle icon between plus/minus sign on open/close [respectively]) Version 11.01.2016 (Added theme option for Toggle element to be open on page load and keep only one element open at a time; added ability to have links in thumbnail list) Version 10.27.2016 (Fixed Mega Menu v2.3 not opening) Version 08.19.16 (Adjusted right margin on wordmark in site.css) Version 05.23.16 (Adjusted font sizes for heros) Version 05.18.16 (Department name lockup update, removed BerkeleyOS font, branded component color corrections, adjusted hero text alignment) Version 04.25.16 (Fixed path in layout.css to ‘../images/css/tessellation-bg-03.png’) Version 03.31.16 (Added fix for WP 4.4.1 showing featured post image with http instead of https; changed gold color of photo thumb widget for accessibility; added underline for links in paragraphs for accessibility) Version 01.14.16 (Removed unused icomoon fonts; added css to print toggles open) Version 12.20.15 (Hide text widget in megamenu on mobile) Version 12.11.15 (Fixed error with page and post submenu items) Version 11.23.15 (Google search option; sort accordion-format posts) Version 11.17.15 (first release)