Reddit is an online community of numerous subreddits, or conversation threads centered around a topic. Comments are upvoted or downvoted by other members of the subreddit, and the most popular and relevant posts about a topic are pushed toward the top of the thread. The communities are self-policed and moderated. Every subreddit has its own … Continue Reading »


Periscope is a live-video tool owned by Twitter that allows viewers to comment on the stream while they are watching. It’s a great platform to give people around the world an on-the-ground or behind-the-scenes perspective. Etiquette: Listen to your audience. If they’re asking to see something in particular during the stream or they are complaining … Continue Reading »


LinkedIn is the most popular social media network for more professional users. Not nearly as “fun and casual” as Facebook, this network is used by those serious about business topics, industry information, and idea sharing. LinkedIn is now responsible for 64% of all visits to corporate websites via social media networks. Etiquette: The best times … Continue Reading »


Medium, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot, you name it. Companies that maintain a blog typically use it to drive website traffic and create credibility and trust with their customers with owned content. Etiquette: Write for the audience, not yourself. Respond and encourage comments. Break up your copy so it’s easier to read and scan. Questions to ask … Continue Reading »


Snapchat is a picture- and video-sharing mobile app. Messages are short-lived and self-deleting and can either be sent to individual friends or to your story, where all your friends can see your uploads. Snapchat is predominantly used by people younger than 25. Etiquette: Like Instagram, Snapchat content can be less professional than on other social … Continue Reading »


Best used to enhance the human value of your brand and create better brand awareness; 130 million active users each month and at least 75 million daily users. Etiquette: Include others’ handles (with @ symbol) and at least 1-2 hashtags to direct posts to your partner units. Behindthe-scenes and non-professional images tend to work well. … Continue Reading »


This microblogging site has had one of the biggest user increases ever—900% within the past year alone. This network is designed for quick ‘short-distance’ communication between followers real time. Etiquette: Including one or two hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags (Salesforce). Questions to ask yourself: Do I have time … Continue Reading »


Facebook tends to be a friendly online environment where people go to hang out and chat. This casual atmosphere lends itself toward a light and friendly approach to your social media content. Etiquette: Keep updates light and friendly. Uploading photos (and creating albums) is one of the best ways to keep your fans interested. Questions … Continue Reading »