Below is a selection of brand manuals that we reference all the time. We hope you will too.

Brand Guidelines (PDF)

This manual contains background information on the branding project undertaken in 2012-13, including research insights, positioning statement and creative platform. It also has details on design related matters, such as fonts, colors and graphic design elements.

Brand Positioning (PDF)

This manual contains detailed messaging suggestions for key audiences, alongside positioning and research insights from the main Brand Guidelines manual.

Brand Architecture (PDF)

This manual, completed in August 2016, takes a deeper dive into organizational hierarchy, naming conventions and logo lockups for colleges and units. You will find it useful when creating marketing materials or digital assets for your area of expertise.

Brand Partnerships (PDF)

This manual, completed in August 2016, looks at corporate-university partnerships from both a holistic point of view as well as detailed logo lockup options. Review it to determine the best way to leverage one of the most valuable assets we have – the Berkeley brand.

A snapshot of communications materials from 2015 indicates that the Berkeley brand guidelines have indeed taken root on campus!